23 July 2015

MaterCare Remembers: Bishop Luigi Locati

Luigi Locati (July 23, 1928 – July 14, 2005) was an Italian Catholic missionary and bishop. He was shot to death at the pastoral center of Isiolo, Kenya.

This month, MaterCare remembers Bishop Luigi Locati. He was the Bishop who first asked MaterCare to come to Isiolo. He will always be remembered as a beloved friend.

Photo: MaterCare Executive Dir. Dr. Robert Walley (left) Bishop Luigi Locati (right)

20 July 2015

"Like sheep without a Shepherd" (MK 6:34)

"We mostly live in a tiny world of relationships. Galilee was seemingly insignificant. Yet the meaning of life was being exemplified there. The shepherd image has connected with all the most important values in the world. In the created world everything is interconnected- as the Pope’s most recent encyclical insists. That is why we are here together, to remember and to foster, and as far as possible, to live out these values. Amen." -Rev. Richard J. Taylor

Read more from Father Taylor here on our website at: http://matercare.org/news-publications/latest-news/like-sheep-without-a-shepherd/

13 July 2015

Registration is now OPEN

Our second instalment of the MaterCare On-Air webinar series is coming July 17th, registration is now open!

Did you know...that most parts of Isiolo County are arid and receives less than 150 mm annually? Areas like Garbatulla are totally dry and no agricultural activity takes place. Collection and treatment of rain and waste water is an essential part of Project Isiolo.

Learn more about Project Isiolo during this upcoming event.